Habitat For Humanity

Founded in 1983, Habitat For Humanity currently stands to be one of the largest housing in the Asia-Pacific region. Spearheaded by Chairman Rustom Jeejeebhoy and CEO Rajeev Menon, Habitat For Humanity’s mission is to provide housing solutions for homeless individuals and families across the globe. Their efforts in India have been significant, providing citizens with affordable and cost-efficient housing, engaging the community for hands-on volunteer programs and sending out disaster management and relief across the country.

Their COVID-19 efforts have been substantial. Using their unique expertise within the housing in India, HFH has successfully used abandoned and unused buildings and infrastructure to create Resource Camps and make-shift ICU centers – equipped with oxygen supplies, hygiene quarters, beds and mattresses, potable water, and PPE kits for frontline workers at their various centers. They have successfully provided beds for 4000 patients, having set up 16 COVID care centers during the first wave of the pandemic.

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