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Rainbow Six Siege Servers Taken Hostage By Hackers

Rainbow Six Siege has been infested with hackers ever since the very beginning, with spin bots, wallhacks, and even aimbots. But this attack on the siege servers on the 12th and 13th of September really put things into perspective, on how Ubisoft has been handling cheaters. Yes, Ubisoft has its own anti-cheat bot ‘Battle Eye’

Fresh Music Releases

TF Picks: Fresh Music Releases You Can’t Miss (#8)

With so much new music coming out everyday, we thought we’d help you pick up a few fresh music releases from the last week that you shouldn’t miss. We have compiled a list of music from various styles, genre no bar. Keep watching this space for your weekly dose of fresh music! Charli XCX –

Effects of Climate Change on Archaeological Sites

Our earth has a heavy anthropological past that we’ve only been able to interpret from the ruins of ancient civilizations, left behind in rubble. Some evidence buried deep underground has been due to years of soil deposition and changing terrains, excavated decades, even centuries later. Some have naturally weathered away, eroding with the rapidly changing

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