TF Selections Vol 1

Here’s what we’re bumping with TF Selections – a new show by the Ticket Fairy team in India, dedicated to exploring new music from different parts of the globe, genre no bar. As facilitators in the ever-evolving realm of music promoters, organizers and gig-goers, Ticket Fairy’s global team has always been passionate about the live

NY PopsUp— Series of Pop Up Concerts in New York

After Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced plans in early February to “bring arts and culture back to life” and that the economic revival of New York would be brought forth by the same, a series of pop-up shows called NY PopsUp began on the third weekend of February, reported Julia Jacobs of The New York

Why Chris Martin From Coldplay Is So Passionate About India

Coldplay music has aged like fine wine. Dating back to the turn of the 21st century, now 20 years strong, this 5-man band has meticulously carved their way to legendary status, redefining alternative pop-rock with timeless songs like Paradise and The Scientist. In India, Coldplay made its way into every 90s kid’s hearts swiftly after

Sunset Cinema Club’s Drive-in Movie During COVID

In a pre-pandemic world, a wee ritual my flatmate and I had practiced every fortnight was to rush through the late evening traffic to catch a movie with overpriced buttered popcorn— which always smelled more delectable than they tasted. However, the lockdown brought with it the locked down theaters and I knew it would be

Bizarre News in 2020 You Might Have Missed

The world wasn’t prepared for a virus like covid-19 to hit and create such a change in daily human activities. We were forced to stay indoors and keep a safe distance from each other. Bored out of our minds, many of us let the internet guide us through this pitiful moment. And it didn’t let

Celebrate Marshmello’s Unique Friendship With India

The year is 2016. You’ve just watched Marshmello perform live, for the first time in Mumbai. You make your way out of the venue, feet blistered and clothes soaked through. You’re dizzy, still reeling from the performance you’ve witnessed. You’re happy. No. You’re mello. It is easy to see how Marshmello has grown to become

My Experience of Attending an Indian Wedding in a Pandemic

Weddings in India are a monumental affair. Here, it is a significant day not just for the nearly-weds but also their families, relatives, friends, neighbors, you name it! Indians were gearing up for the wedding season when COVID-19 crept in, deferring a lot of fixed marriages to an unpredictable future.  I write from a coastal

In Conversation With: Jhanvi Soni

Crooning from Gujarat’s southeastern city of Surat, singer-songwriter Jhanvi Soni has established her presence in the city’s musical milieu in under a couple of years. Not less than two years ago did Jhanvi start writing and playing original songs, and much before that she started playing at gigs locally. A self-taught vocalist, the 22-years old

Amazing Anime Shows to Watch Right Now

In this list, we’re taking a look at 5 of the best anime shows to watch RIGHT NOW! Whether you’re a seasoned viewer, or just getting started, the names on this list are sure to go down in your memory as forces to be reckoned with!   *Spoilers in the Plot section*   Naruto/Naruto Shippuden:


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